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       Making the Most of It

       Seminar CDs from Cincinnati, Ohio,
March 22, 2003


Patient Medical Issues


Hal Blatman: How Food Affects Pain and Fatigue; An Introduction to MPS


Jacob Teitelbaum: Get Well Now! Effective Treatment for FMS. Recent Study Results


Devin J. Starlanyl: FMS and MPS: They are Real, Different and Treatable! 


Patient Legal Issues


Scott E. Davis: Obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits


Steven P. Krafchick: FMS, Trauma and Disability–Prove It of Lose It!



Care Provider Medical Issues


Hal Blatman: MPS from Trigger Points, FMS or Both


Jacob Teitelbaum: Effective Treatment for FMS


Devin J. Starlanyl: Health Care Pro’s Survival Guide to FMS and MPS



Care Provider Legal Issues


Scott E. Davis: How to Best Assist Patients with Social Security Disability Benefits


Steven P. Krafchick: Become More Legally Aware!














Each CD is $15.00 + $5.00 shipping and handling.  Contact Blatman Pain Clinic, 10653 Techwoods Circle, Suite 101, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242.  For more information, contact Vicki at 513-956-3200; fax 513-956-3202, or vabell@iac.net


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